Poetry Workshop 2

A workshop at Lot 49 Books - Tuesdays, 6-8:30pm October 3 to 24, 2023

Write and workshop your own poems.

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Welcome to the next installment of the Lot 49 Books Poetry Workshop with Graham Irvin. This is a 4-week immersive writing course featuring writing assignments, in-class feedback from the instructor and peer-to-peer workshopping. There will also be an end-of-class reading October 27th for students to read their work to an audience. This class is open to all levels of writers.

In-class exercises will focus on generating poems that surprise the reader, challenge expectations of the form, and strive for unpredictability. Workshops will focus on finding and breaking patterns in poems to elevate our verse to new heights.

Basically, the theme is: no more boring poetry. We’re going to write something, something funny, something scary, something fucked up. We’re going to write poetry that keeps both the reader and writer on their toes.

To keep class accessible we are offering sliding scale tuition fees based on what participants feel they can afford. Please note that there will be a limited number of tickets at the cheapest tier.