i have a gun

There’s a gun inside the soul of every living thing.

Made of anger.

Made of shame.

“This book is gas.”
—Sean Thor Conroe, author of Fuccboi

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Praise for i have a gun

“The speaker of I HAVE A GUN may or may not have a gun, but they’ve certainly thought about them. Reading this book is like drinking a Yuengling at a party while talking to a hot history professor who also happens to know a lot about guns—it isn’t boring. It’s riveting. You’re in on the joke and in on the not-joke all while a little erect. Graham Irvin psychoanalyzes gun ownership, gets meta with the function of literary imagination, and goes pow, pow, pow. A meditation on history, masculinity, and gun violence, I HAVE A GUN will have you laughing then feeling bad about it.”

— Shy Watson, author of Horror Vacui

“I HAVE A GUN is an epic poem of permutations. It shows us how one image, word, or idea can be kneaded and stretched into infinitely different shapes and objects and feelings. Nearly all of humanity seems packed into this book. It invites us to look at the pieces of our collective reflection with understanding and awe.”

— Troy James Weaver, author of Temporal

“It is an earnest, comedic, deeply personal, and thoroughly inventive study of something so central to the notion of America, and being an American, that I’m both surprised and yet not surprised that we needed to wait all these years for such an important book. Graham Irvin is one of the most innovative and poignant poets working today, and I HAVE A GUN is a contemporary masterpiece.”

— Zac Smith, author of Everything is Totally Fine

“Few books feel as necessary. I couldn’t put it down.”

— Andrew Weatherhead, author of Fudge